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227 Yellow!

How To Wear Layered Necklaces

A guide to layering necklaces. How and how NOT to wear.

226 Sweater and skirt fall fashion.

Gold and Hallmarks: How to Tell if Gold is Genuine

Short of bringing an item of jewellery to a professional assayer to test the item's metal, there are several quick and easy methods anyone can use to determine not only real from fake gold, but the quality of the metal.

225 Stella & Dot Mae Necklace

Which Type of Eyeliner is Best: Liquid, Gel, Kohl or Shadow?

What are the differences between types of eyeliner, which is the easiest to apply, and are some better than others for certain skin types or for those with sensitive eyes?

224 Vintage 1950's Silk Shelf Bust Wiggle Dress

Mango Clothing

If you didn't know, Mango clothes come from Barcelona, Spain, not the Caribbean. Of course, I'm talking about Mango Clothing, the young, urban brand for fashion minded all over the world, not the fruit. (Although the fruit is quite tasty too.) Their...

223 How to flatter full upper arms by imogenl on Polyvore

Fabulous Styles of Post 60's - Retro and Indie Fashion

Retro style clothing, a fabulous style of the 20th century, refers to clothing that imitates the style of a previous era and associated with a post modern stylistic trend in fashion.

222 suit

10 Professional Athletes with a Fashion Line

Professional Athletes are not only famous for their sports, but now for creating their own clothing lines and shoe lines. Take look at who these athletes are.

221 Within Your Jurisdiction Dress

Need Rain Gear?: How To Buy Good Rain Jackets

If you have ever been caught in the middle of a deluge, you know how important it is to have a good rain jacket. Not all rain jackets are made equally. Some may only be water resistant while others are completely waterproof. Some are more water...

220 beaded bracelet

The Best Way To Clean Your Face

When you have sensitive skin, finding a gentle and effective cleansing routine can be overbearing and if you struggle with acne, certain professional treatments can really help get your skin back in order. But most of us don't have the time or the...

208 ethnic print leggings

DIY Wedding Dress Preservation

An easy and inexpensive way to preserve your wedding dress.

247 Alice + Olivia Red Pleated Maxi Skirt

Benefits of using hand cream

Our hands may well be the most moisturised parts of our bodies. On nearly every womans desk you will find a tub or tube of hand or skin care cream, that gets used at least everytime she washes her hands. It's almost like a habit, and it's a great...

246 haha. This is how I see myself. You know walking to work or just going out for the afternoon. In Chanel and somewhere fabulous.

Have You ever Bought Fake 925 Silver Jewelry - How to Identify Sterling Silver?

As we know, 925 silver is the material of sterling silver jewelry. With the functions of plasticity and changeable, it is inevitable for silver jewelry to become popular. However, in recently survey show that lots of sterling silver jewelry have...

245 Zippered Lace Heels

How To Dye Your Hair a Funky and Wild Color

For those of you who have a wild side, typical hair colors may bore you. Maybe you don't want to look like everyone else and you would like to stand out in the crowd? Well, what better way to stand out in the crowd then to have your hair a bright or...

244 jacket

Pearl Jewelry - The Symbol of Beauty and Elegance

Pearls are considered as a symbol of beauty and elegance. It is never known to be out of fashion. One well known benefit of wearing Pearl jewelry is that it helps to bring anger under control.Pearl is the June Birthstone and associated with Moon.

243 Love this blazer from #KardashianKollection

Wedding Shoes Fundamentals

  It is strange to see the kind of discrepancy that creeps in when a bride-to-be shops for her wedding gown and then for her trousseau accessories. Because the wedding gown is looked upon as the centerpiece of attention, often months of...

242 Pin Up Shoes Pinup Shoes Rockabilly Shoes found on Polyvore

From Blonde to Red: A First Hair Coloring Experience

The story and results of how I finally overcame my hesitance when it came to hair coloring, and tips that might be helpful if you decide to do it too!

230 Polka dots.

How to Style your Clip in Hair Extensions

How to style your clip in hair extensions for the 2013 season trends.

229 Weekend Wear: @Gap Camo Jeans #Gap #CamoPants #JustFab

5 Best BB Creams For All Skin Types

BB creams are a rage in the cosmetic world today, know which are the best bb creams for all skin types, how they can make your skin look radiant and beautiful. These bb creams differ from cc creams.

228 i like thee skirt!

Wedding Bouquets - Buttons for the Bride

Button bridal bouquets are a perfect addition to create a unique, classy, fun and elegant burst of color to any walk down the aisle. This is an in-depth look at the floral alternative which makes an amazing keepsake. Just don't throw it!

219 Evening dress Madeleine Vionnet (French Chilleurs-aux-Bois 1876

Fresh Lemons as a Facial Toner

They aren't good for just lemonade anymore! When life gives you lemons, use it on your face! If you’re interested in adding something healthy, clean and cheap to your skincare regimen using lemons, as a facial toner is something you should try. ...

218 Teal and Grey- love these colors! Have the boots... Just need the sweater & scarf.

Paul and Shark Brand: A Matter of Pride

In the fickle fashion scene, names and brands come and go. Only a few brands are able to enjoy lasting success. However, the Paul and Shark brand has made a mark with its superior quality, attention to comfort and fit. It is today worn with pride...

217 17 Perfect Outfits For Fall & Winter | Lovelyish

How To Spot Fake Gold Jewelry

If you are doing a lot of shopping for jewelry, either for investment or for personal use, fake good jewelry is one problem that you'll have to be aware of and take precautions against. I will give you a few suggestions for how to spot fake gold...

216 White dress and pink sweater

Dermology Hair Removal Cream Benefits

Interested to take advantage of the Dermology Hair Removal Cream? Find out more about how this Dermology cream for hair removal can help you get rid of unwanted hair on your skin without experiencing any side effects.

215 will put this outfit together. done.

How To Dye Your Hair Hot Pink

Many times have i attempted to dye my hair a bright colour and failed. I find if my hair does take to the colour, the next day it will have faded by 70% in one wash. Not Fun! but the other day i found a hair colouring brand of semi permanent dye,...

214 love the tan boots with the black jeans

How to Cover Acne with Makeup

Learn how to cover acne with the help of make up: a step by step guide.

213 outfit

Chrysoprase Gemstone - The Green Chalcedony Quartz Stone of Love

Chrysoprase Gemstone is an translucent green colored cryptocrystalline Quartz Stone also known as Australian Jade or Green Chalcedony. Check this hub for its uses and metaphysical healing properties.

212 I love love this! Danier : women : jackets & blazers

How to Use a Facial Steamer

Before if someone wants to have her face steamed in order to have beautiful skin, she will have to go to his or her dermatologist's clinic. Now though it is possible to do it in the comfort of your own home thanks to the advancement in technology...

211 Polka Dots and Leopard Spots: Cute plaid outfit!

best natural hair color

 Due to the amazing news that herbitant won the best hair color award I thought I would build this hub to give some people more idea of the pros and cons of using a natural hair color product instead of a chemically produced one. First of all I...

210 Work Outfit Idea: The Little Black Sweater Dress Take 1!

Great Jewelry Storage Ideas

Storing jewelry needs proper storage containers and a bit of planning. It is an art that can be mastered by just anyone by assessing needs and then plan what to buy and how to store the jewelry pieces.  If you're looking for jewelry storage...

209 this dress

Best Vintage Brands

Vintage Ungaro Pencil Skirt Have you ever wondered how and why Rachel Zoe always looks so fabulous? Its because she knows how to shop and especially how to shop vintage, and which deisgners to look for. Shopping vintage can be overwhleming....

250 ~ Leather Gauntlet ~

How to buy Christian Dior handbags on sale, clearance,at outlet prices or at a discount

Christian Dior makes some of the most beautiful accessories. Owning a Dior purse is a pleasure. Many of the bags retail for thousands of dollars, so they can be quite an expense. Finding an authentic handbag for less is wonderful. Here are some ways...

249 Matty M Leather Leggings | Tuckernuck

How to dress like Joseph Gordon-Lewitt in Inception

Joseph Gordon-Lewitt showed us cool business casual style in 500 Days Of Summer, and now he shows off a sleek, white-collar criminal look in the hit movie Inception.

248 black lace heels

How to avoid irritation when removing hair

How to remove hair without irritating. Get the best shave and how to do it. Which razors are good and also alternate ways of removing hair such as laser hair removal and sugaring.

241 BOHO

How to Prevent Lipstick from Staining your Teeth

Lipstick stains are definitely embarrassing. Hence, we should put an end to this embarrassing situation once and for all. With these tricks, you can smile without worries with your red lipstick.

240 classic fall look

10 Pocket friendly quick ways to a dewy, smoother, and silkier skin!

Did you know that natural skin care remedies are safer and cheaper than store bought creams and lotions. Bring out your inner beauty with these quick, easy, natural, pocket friendly ways.

239 C Wonder booties

Face packs for winter

This morning when I woke up and went in front of the mirror to brush my teeth, I almost had a heart attack. My face was fine (not good but okay) the last time when I saw myself in the mirror. Today when I saw it, it was dry and I almost look like...

238 I love this skirt

Hello Kitty Necklaces, Chokers and Pendants

A Hello Kitty necklace is a great gift idea for any fan ofHello Kitty and all her friends. Thereare so many different Hello Kitty necklace designs available that you arecertain to find the perfect design for anyone. I have loved Hello Kitty...

237 Evening Suit 1897 French Made of silk

Rosary Necklaces for Men. Men’s Rosary Necklaces a Strong Symbol of Faith or a Bold Fashion Choice.

: Rosary Necklaces for Men. Gold Rosary Necklaces for men can be found in many different styles and color including white gold and rose gold. Black and Wooden rosary necklaces are becoming more popular. Sterling Silver and black diamond rosary necklaces are bold fashion.

236 umbrella

Best Korean Etude House Cosmetic Products

The inside of a Korean Etude House shop. Etude House is a popular brand of Korean Cosmetics. The brand has a "cutesy" feel full of pink, white and other girly colors. Around Korea and some other Asian counties, the shops are available in malls. The...

235 Henui via Miss Moss

Megan Fox and Rafael Nadal in New Sexy Emporio Armani Ad

At 24 years old Megan Fox is one of the most requested images for advertising campaigns. Fashion designer Giorgio Armani seems to be surrendered to the charms of this beautiful actress. For the second consecutive year, Megan Fox is the face of the...

234 Cozy scarf & sweater dress plus thigh high socks :)

Leather Bomber Jackets For Men and Women

Leather bomber jackets add a great look towards your fashion in any season and climate. They are one of the most versatile peices of clothing for both cold rainy climates or for hot sunny weather. Almost all leather bomber jackets will have stretchable waistbands and wristbands to lock in body heat and to keep out the cold or rain.

233 How To: Dark Cat Eyes

Li Ning Shoes -Cheap Price, High Quality

Do you want to sprint like MichealJordan during your game? Well, they say that 90% percent of yourbasketball performance comes from talent. I'm sure you're wonderingwhere the 10% went, right? You might probably won't believe but yourperformance...

232 Tiny Baguette rings.

Affliction and Ed Hardy-like Brands

It seems that everyone and their mother, literally their mother, are wearing sparkly, Sailor Jerry inspired fashions from trend-setting Ed Hardy. But is anyone else tired of seeing this?

231 casual

How to Apply Loose Powder Eyeliners

Applying eyeliner in loose powder form is easy and by using existing eyeshadow colors, is a great way of saving your cash. Eyeliner should not be feared and yet it is by many women so let me give you some well choosen tips and advice on eyeliners. Here I show you how easily a soft natural look is achieved by applying loose powder with a good eyeliner brush.

149 Fall Outfit With Ripped Jeans and Coat

Styling Tips for Fine, Thin Hair

Fine, thin hair does not mean you have to give up on style. You may never have hair like Jennifer Aniston, but you can learn how to get the most of your limp locks with these super styling tips.

148 polka dota and plaid

Volumize Hair with Velcro Sleep Rollers

How to get more body, bounce and volume into your hair than you ever dreamed possible! I'm pretty much a wash 'n' go gal. All I need in the morning is a shower and a touch of mascara and I'm done. But my hair is a big, big problem. The trouble is,...

147 Strapless satin dress with natural. Comes in navy.

How to apply Maybelline Colossal Kajal/ Kohl pencil to get the 'smokey smudged eye' look?

Woo the world with your dark sultry eyes. Maybelline Colossal Kajal is the blackest black kajal / kohl eye liner. It is smudge free and water- proof. So what are we waiting for? Let's get glamorous girls!

146 FALL!! :)

How to make jewelry shine and sparkle like new again - Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Review

There are a number of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners in the market. This is a product review of the best-selling ultrasonic jewelry cleaner in the market today.

145 vintage winter coat

Hot Trend of Pink Polo Shirts in Mens Fashion

A look at the hot fashion trend in men's clothing, that of pink in a polo shirt.This also takes a look at the historical trends of men wearing pink in past generations.

144 Side Updo - 35 Updos For Medium Length Hair Which Look Exotic

Skin Care Naturally for Aging Skin: Face Care after Fifty

Natural skin care for aging skin is important for keeping radiant, youthful skin after menopause. Learn a routine for diet, rest, hydration, cleansing, and relaxing upside down to make gravity your ally in natural facial skin care as you age.

161 outfit post: jean skinnies striped top tan pleather jacket | Outfit Posts Dynamic

Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

Hot oil treatment offers a classic nourishment for your dry and dull hair and scalp. Here is a detailed, 5 step procedure of the same to help you perform it by yourself.

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