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294 Incredible Handmade Star Wars Punk Vest

Professional Hair Styling Tools

This page offers information on products, tools, and more for achieving the perfect salon look!

292 Kim Kardashian

Bridal Makeup Tips and Ideas

Bridal makeup or wedding makeup should be extra special and it needs to be well applied to last the whole day. It absolutely must be done correctly and differs slightly from normal makeup application. Brides know that on their wedding day their...

291 Fall Uniform: Boyfriend Chinos

Easy and Quick HairStyles for Long Hair

Looking for some ideas for quick and simple hair styles for long or medium hair? Here are three video tutorials on how to do easy hairstyles.

290 Vests & Bracelets

Arabic Makeup Tutorial

With this personalized Arabic makeup tutorial you can create theexotic, mysterious, enigmatic eyes that Arabic women are so well knownfor displaying. The look is sensual yet innocent and it is certainly awonderful way to highlight your eyes which...

289 15-Casual-Winter-Fashion-Trends-Looks-2013-For-Girls-Women-10

Get Rid of Acne on Your Skin and Body For Good

Many consumers are under the false impression that to achieve moist, beautiful skin they have to use cleansers, scrubs and serums that contain potentially harmful chemicals; when in fact, the same results can be found using all natural, organic products.

288 Add an edge to your outfit with running shoes

Diamonds Who Said They Are A Girls Best Friend?

I was surfing around on Amazon a few weeks ago, and I stumbled upon the most amazing diamonds. Yes I know on Amazon (LOL). I really was surprised to find some very costly engagement gems on the site. The little light bulb in head when on, I thought...

287 Pebble Patent Shoes

How to Do a Hair Part

Learn how to easily create the perfect part. Parting your hair the right way can complete the look of any hairstyle. These tips and guidelines will show you how.

286 Vogue Alemania Mayo 2008 #Vogue #Editorial

Benefits of Almond Oil for Skin

Almond oil is extensively used for skin care. It will help you to get a smooth, soft and flawless skin. It is extensively used in skincare and cosmetic products.

285 woman fashion coat

How To Get Rid Of Hickeys Fast

Learn how to get rid of hickeys fast with this concise and informative guide. You'll never have to separate work and play again!

284 Tuck a long sleeve into black pencil skirt for work

Fashion illustrations

These are some of my early illustration I wanna share with you all.Hope you all like them,Please do comment. Watercolour illustrations made on normal paper can turn out ridiculous .Therefore i have used Ivory sheet as it is very thick and does not...

277 Cute

The Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles to Try

If you are looking to cut your hair into a bob, take a look at these pictures of the best celebrity bob hairstyles to try.Celebrites such as Camilla Belle, Carrie Underwood, Anne Hathaway, Kimberly Caldwell, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Nicole Richie have all worn bobs during their career and no doubt one of their styles will look great on you too!

314 Anthony Vaccarello

Are Organic Beauty Products Tested on Animals?

For the most part, organic beauty products are NOT tested on animals. This is comforting to most people since they do not like the fact that animals are subjected to being monitored to determine if a particular potential product causes health...

313 Embroidered Cuff.

How To Repair A Split Fingernail

  Ever had a fingernail split way down low where it was impossible to cut off, and you just KNEW that if you ripped it off there was going to be blood? Or maybe it split right down the middle and even as short as you could cut it, you knew it was...

312 gold and pink

Skin Problems Common questions and answers

Here are some of the most common problems which people usually are worried about of when it comes to the beauty of their skin. Together are the common questions and answers regarding the matter.

311 Looks comfy and warm for the upcoming chilly weather

Wrecking Balm at Walmart? Better keep your Receipt...

Have ya heard the news?  Wrecking Balm is now available at Walmart.  You might be excited to hear about this.  After all, if your reading this article you probably have a tattoo that you want to get rid of.  Maybe you had a mid-life crisis or...

310 Effie Trinket | Catching Fire | Hunger Games

MAC Cosmetics Expiration Dates

Contrary to popular belief makeup does expire. MAC cosmetics are no exception. I have included a list of (it's impossible to give precise numbers) general shelf life estimates for each general MAC item.

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How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on your Face Naturally – Home Remedies for Dark Spots

Effective and useful tips on how to get rid of dark spots on your face fast naturally and useful home remedies for dark spots to speed up the process of removing dark patches on your face

308 Pair of Beautiful Copper Faerie Ears with glass flower accents and Light Aventurine chips Elf Ear Cuffs Fairy Renaissance Elven #bohemian #boho #gypsy #clothes #fashion

How to Use Fruit to Get Fresh and Glowing Skin

To get fresh, glowing skin, eat fruits for their vitamins and antioxidants and make your own homemade fruit skin care treatments to benefit from AHAs too.

307 Yorkie!

Chocolate Diamond Rings - Online Sales

Chocolate diamondrings are unique pieces of fine jewelry that's becoming very popular on the diamond market. Diamonds are made from carbon,which happens to be the hardest natural matter found on Earth. In fact,diamonds are also the highest on...

306 Dripping in diamonds and gold.

Indo Western Traditional Attire For Men

Indowestern attire is today's new contemporary look for the modern man who wants to wear modern styled clothing with traditional Indian accents. The sherwani has long been worn in South Asia, especially by Pakistanis but can be seen throughout the...

305 Snuggly winter clothes from Mango

Straight Makeup for Males

Stage and studio lighting tend to be stronger than natural light and comes from several angles. This tends to erase the natural shadows and flatten out the face. With make up, facial highlights and shadows are re-created so that lighting cannot...

299 casual + cozy

A classical taste: Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress pattern

Born Diane Simone Michelle Halfin in Brussels in 1946, Diane von Furstenberg is a fashion designer. The mother of Diane von Furstenberg is an Holocaust survivor. Worldwide, Diane von Furstenberg is best known for her wrap dress. Diane Von...

298 what an outfit :)

Peptides - The Science of Aging Gracefully

Topical peptide applications are noninvasive and nonirritating with long-term benefits that enhance the natural performance of our skin...

297 turquoise and green created by kristen-344

Different Gift Ideas for the Bride

Marriage comes with a lot of dreams in brideâ??s life. It isthe start of her new life where she will meet many new people; differentrelationships will create for her and much more remains in store for her. Shewaits for this day throughout her...

296 Louboutin

Calendula, "Mother of the Skin"

It is no wonder why this wonderful herb has been given the nickname "Mother of The Skin". Calendula offers so many medicinal values...

295 #women's #women #ladies #clothing #clothes #style #wardrobe #beauty #fashion

Bridal Gown Couture Designer

A beautiful lady, wearing a beautiful white wedding gown, walking on the white carpet towards their loved one standing at the altar. There’s the perfect white wedding that young girls would dream of. Today, The Wedding Carpet will be introducing...

283 dress

How To Apply Foundation and Concealer Quickly, Easily, and Evenly

Step 1: Primer Many believes that primer is entirely optional, and yes, it is. However, make up artists all agree that the finished look with primer always looks better so... bottom line: USE IT. With it, your make-up will look fresher and cleaner....

281 #ZoePhobic

Six Best Bomber Jackets for Men: Various Styles from Leather to Synthetic

Sweet List of the Six Best Bomber Jackets for Men. From Fashionable Leather ones to Original Baseball Models. Get in on the biggest 2013 Fashion for Men.

280 Nicki Minaj

Dress Up For Girls Game: A Very Fun Way To Explore Little Girl's Talent

Dressing up for girls is a very fun game not only for little girls but for adults also. Consider this as a bonding moments with your kids.

279 shorts+tights+thigh highs

Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Skin Products

In need of a good moistruizing skin product which will leave your skin soft, supple and smooth? Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil are the perfect skin combination you can use at home in your own homemade body butter. Read on for information on the benefits of Cocoa Butter and Jojoba, an easy recipe you can make and some tips which will make you skin feel wonderful.

278 Looks like Roaring 20's but I absolutely love it.

How to wear - trendy nail polish designs and colours (with care tips)

Brighten up your day with a new nail colour or design - there are so many creative ways to add bling to the tips of your fingers! Here we look at some of them together with tips on nail care.

304 Woman's Fashion

Men's Ties - Analyzing the Tradition

Have you ever thought about men's ties? the why and how of them? This is a humorous article about the way ties are used by the modern male.

303 coat

Corset Style Inspired Wedding Dresses

Unique wedding dresses made from corsets. Corset and Bustier inspired Bridal gowns.


Best Shampoo

Talks about the So Sexy Shampoo for normal hair. It discusses the ingredients and the benefits of the shampoo.

301 Archduchess Isabella's Peridot and Diamond Tiara: These particular peridots are quite fine with good purity huge size and a deep olive color. There are five peridot stones in the tiara each surrounded by a scrolling foliate diamond frame. The tiara is part of a parure which includes a set of earrings a large brooch (or devant de corsage) and a necklace; the necklace includes seven drops which can be removed and mounted upright on the tiara.

The Plus-Size Bride

Being A Plus Size Bride  First, let me clarify what plus size is, it is anything over a size 12, yes that's right, if you wear over a size 12, you are considered plus size in our wonderful society.   I am not sure when it became a "sin" to be a...

300 FALL love

How To Knit A Man's Hat Free And Easy Pattern

This is a really good project to make for the men in your life, but the women will love it too. Its easy to knit, thick and warm, although it looks small it stretches nicely, have found it to fit even the biggest head.

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Diamond - Stone of the Rich and Wealthy

From times immemorial Diamond Gemstone Jewellery has been used as an expression of beauty, love and wealth. Diamond is the favorite gemstone which adorns the engagement rings of the wealthy. It is the gemstone of Planet Venus and representation of love, marriage, beauty and comforts.

245 6 Shooter Leggings - #Bandera Style

Rainbow Coloring and Hairstyle Tutorials and Ideas

Rainbows are one of the more beautiful spectacles of nature, never seeming to exhaust the gorgeous colors we never grow tired of gazing at and being delighted by the curved arch of hues. That has inspired many of us to try out different looks with...

244 Taken Away Tunic: Mint/Tan

Ariel Meme Copycats - 5 Reasons New Hipster equals Halloween Costume

New Hipster fashion is now just a joke again. It may have had its moment, but it's a Halloween getup now. Someone go to the organic food stores and tell these people before it's too late! They like to be ahead of the curve, you know.

243 The wizard of oz

How to get rid of wrinkles naturally with facial excercises

If you want to increase volume of your cheeks and get rid of the wrinkles,want wrinkle free face here are few very simple facial excercises for youthful skin. Reduce wrinkles naturallyWrinkleless skin

242 Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013 #streetstyle #MFW #fashionweek #shoes

Reclaim American Jobs - Buy American Moisturizing Lotions Creams Anti Aging

Household name brands such as Oil of Olay (now just Olay), Vaseline, Aveeno and Jergens..... and more. Learn which moisturizers are headquartered in the United States. Who is paying corporate taxes - their full rate here in the US. Who is now headquartered on other shores. We will include the company's annual revenue and number of employees and year started...the size doesn't matter necessarily - we as a consumer can change that - that is the power of the American consumer.

241 Herm

Bridal Outfit

The whole wedding should tell the story of the Bridal journey. This is the third part of my hubs on weddings in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. These articles will give a clear idea about how to arrange your wedding in a way that will tell a story to remember for a lifetime.

240 Gray by longstem on Polyvore

Things to Know About Pandora Charms

It's a fact, Pandora charm bracelets arebeautiful. It is the Pandora charms,though, that give those gorgeous bracelets that "Pandora" look, theone that is uniquely yours and yours alone. Since you are the one who will choose all of the charms...

239 Dr. Martens Meg Biker Ankle Boot

Diamond: Quality, Grading, Value and Certification

Number of new consumers in India and overseas are growing very fast.Sole purpose of this article is that these customers should get full value of their money. They must not be decieved by shop-keepers or certifying agencies...

238 Jenna Dewan

Bridal dresses for the most precious day in your life - Part 1

Elegant Bridal Dress What could be the most precious day in your life other thanyour wedding day? When you plan for your marriage, you will have hundreds ofthings running around your mind. Main thing would be choosing a best dress for you. ...

237 Aimer's luxury #LaClover brand #lingerie

Skin Care Tips For Brides

A few skin care tips which is easy to follow and without any side-effects. Try them to look your best on your wedding.

236 AGACI Dot Chiffon Tunic - TOPS

Best 25 proven ways on how to get natural fair skin by home remedies.

Get fair skin absolutely the affordable and easy way. The home remedies have long been the effective way to get a fair skin. With these essential steps, one can make the dream of fair skin come true.

235 sequin pants

Charming Pandora Charm Bracelets!

My all-grown-up daughter first introduced me to Pandora Charm Bracelets. She loves them, collects them like crazy and always puts them on her birthday or Christmas wish-list. I am a firm believer in getting people what they like and will use for...

234 New Years Eve Outfit

Skin care in Monsoon: Tips From Kolkata Grooming Expert

  Rains need not dampen your passion for fashion! So here are some skin care tips in monsoon�   The first showers of rain act as a welcoming respite from the scorching summer heat. Monsoon makes us feel fresh and soothe our skin from...

233 Ankle Straps

Review of the Best Skin Care Products

There are an abundance of products claiming to work wonders on your skin and many can definitely work over your wallet. Do the expensive products work better? Are there less expensive but effective options? Does anything really help dark under eye...

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